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Spirituality is not a religion

Spirituality is not a religion

“… in your terms, true spirituality is merely the acceptance of self, incorporating all of yourself without judgement and recognizing that all of your choices and all of your experiences, regardless of how you are creating them, are purposefully executed, for you have chosen each experience purposefully and you have chosen each line of probabilities to be experiencing what you are creating. You are not creating mistakes. You do not create accidents. Therefore, each experience has been purposefully executed, and all of these experiences are elements of your spirituality, and all of your manifestations are elements of your spirituality. Therefore, it is not an action. It is YOU…”


Kwamla HesseThis Blog is dedicated to greater spiritual awareness and understanding which, I believe, is now coming into a generally accepted world view. Over the next coming years (as we approach 2012 and extend beyond the boundaries of this demarcation line) our awareness and understanding of many things will increase and expand exponentially.

This will dramatically shift and enhance our personal views and beliefs. It will also bring about remarkable physical changes in our DNA structures and hence our bodies. Much of which is already taking place now!

Its all about remembrance and waking up to what we’ve purposely forgotten but really already knew.

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