Welcome to 2012! – A year of great change and great possibilities…

Welcome to 2012! – A year of great change and great possibilities…

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Welcome to year 2012 !

“…The vast majority of human beings on earth still lives in a deep slumber and in total neglect of the fact that they are immortal multidimensional beings and sovereign creators (masters) of their reality.

They do not realize that they shape their destiny through their thoughts, emotions, and above all, through their infinite, deeply disguised fear based patterns and beliefs, which they never really question or challenge.

This hidden “dark energy” that all incarnated human beings carry deep in their physical vessel creates their personality, or rather ego, and their environment.

It is the clandestine driving force that feeds in an effective and rather insidious manner their perennial self-preservatory reactions, with which they waste their whole linear time on earth…” – Stankov’s Universal Law Press

A year that has been foretold holds immense possibilities for change and new directions. There has been so much attention and energy directed towards this time period that no one should be surprised at what may or may not happen as the next days, weeks then months emerge.

And thats because it’s all going to be about choice. The choice to believe and determine some basic questions: Who are you?… What are you?… and Where are you? as it applies to our daily existence and life experience. These are basic fundamental questions we all get the chance to ask ourselves and our answers will determine: Who?, What? and Where? we go from there.

Just to be clear this is not a judgement day of the form that we’ve religiously been indoctrinated to believe in. There is no one sitting in judgement, and never will be, of anyone. No…this is a personal conscious decision and choice we all are making collectively about the type of Reality we want to go on and now experience. So we are the ones getting to decide here. It really is that simple!

The extent to which we chose to explore those questions, and accept our answers, on the surface or at a deeper level, ultimately now determines where we see change, and the possibilities of change, in our collective experiential world realities.

We can choose a world of infinite and expanding possibilities or one of closed and continuing predetermined ones. Which choice is right or wrong? is never and has never been the real question to ask. Which choice is right or wrong for you has always and will always be the question you need to ask yourself to determine the answer that is right for you!

This is a conscious collective choice! There is no default or middle position. (Unless you wish to skip this choice by dying and moving back into spirit!)

So Just Choose!!!


If you really want to understand, in simple terms, the human history of this world and our collective choices for where we could be headed then all you need do is devote a couple of hours watching this film…

If you watch the film “Limitless”and compare it to this movie “Thrive” you will realise they are both related. “Limitless” cleverly describes the current experience for certain elitist individuals in our societies today. Whilst “Thrive” describes the unlimited potential that exists for the world post 2012. But only for those of us choosing it…that is… those choosing “service to others” over those choosing “service to self”

(Now see my latest comment here: A critique of the choices and options presented in the film “THRIVE”)

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to 2012! – A year of great change and great possibilities…

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      Princess of Japan about ascension, 5th dimension and 3 days of darkness to follow…

      Another video appears supporting the Princess’s “3 days of darkness view” …

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      “…by December 3, 2013, 3rd density as we know it is supposed to implode, and for those of us who have chosen to evolve, it will be a conscious, clear intent to do so. For those who so choose, they will move through [third into fourth density]. This will be happening gradually over the next few years.

      Those who choose not to evolve will apparently create another space within which to evolve. They will apparently go through a black-hole structure somewhere and create another space to begin the process all over again. It’s weird stuff…”

      Alex Collier lecture 1996 Moon and Mars
      TRANSCRIPT: http://www.scribd.com/doc/46220922

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      “…According to the Russian scientists, unification of human consciousness and ascension to a higher state is the survival outcome. The Russian scientist group state that their interpretation of ET communications is that the only way that humanity will survive is through a process of consciousness transfer to a higher dimension. This appears to be a process similar to the “ascension” process described by other scientists such as Bulgarian scientist Dr. Georgi Stankov, who states that dimensional ascension in 2012 will be the only way that humanity can escape a cataclysmic “hell” on Earth (a term the Russian scientists use also).

      The Russians said that when you see this change, you have to leave this level of existence and will “have to go up in consciousness in the 4th dimension because if you don’t do that, you are not going to be able to survive the changes that come after.”

      Melchizedek added that “Every single government in the world is on red alert, trying to understand how to get through this problem with (the) sun and the magnetic field of the earth.”…”

      “…Earth energies will shift from male dominance to female dominance

      The energies of the Earth will be changing from male to female on December 22, 2012, according to Melchizedek, and women will have a much easier time accessing the 4th dimension. “The male aspect is coming to an end this year and the female begins. What the prophecy is, is the females remember who they are, they remember how to go into their heart. From a female way, it’s really easy. It’s difficult from a male way. It will be women who come out and remember this stuff and will enlighten the world. It’s not going to come from us guys…”

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      I like this description of Earth’s Shift given by an entity named Adronis. Its consistent with other information I’ve read and picked up about the exciting changes taking place right now…

      “…Adronis is the name of the entity channeled through Brad Johnson. Adronis is a higher dimensional star being consciousness who holds a broad range of knowledge…”

      Here Adronis talks to an individual in regards to experiencing the shift and what it will feel like to cross into the new 4th density Earth.

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      “…In the member’s hour Drunvalo explains how he was given the name Melchizedek. He talks about the Melchizedek Order, which he says is in place to help dimensional problems such as the one we are currently experiencing. We’ll discuss in detail what it means to move into the 4th dimension and how it is vital for our survival. He explains how transmutation into 4th dimensional conscious beings can happen. Drunvalo also explains our connection to the sun and how we perceive reality. Then, we’ll discuss ET presence, our ET origins, conflicts and benevolent helpers. Melchizedek says the 4D is a parking lot full of various beings. Also, he discusses how temporal interference is being used by our government and other groups to alter the timeline. Later, Drunvalo tells us how within the Merkaba there is the blueprint of life, all the laws of physics and sacred geometry. At the end, he gives us a timeline of events that will occur provided the Mayan and Hopi prophecies are accurate…”

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      What some of the forth coming Earth changes will mean for those of us aware or unaware of 2012 accession events happening in our the world right now. – An encouragingly optimistic view…!

      Now I particularly like and can relate to this….

      “…Higher Self Activations

      One of the most wondrous things that will happen to people on a personal level during this time will be the sudden establishment of conscious connection to their Higher Self, a profoundly liberating and empowering event that changes the nature and course of one’s life forever. Clear and constant Divine inspiration is the benefit of such a connection. It allows one to consciously choose the most optimal life course, dramatically improve their circumstances, and willfully participate in the building of God’s kingdom here on Earth.

      The point at which one is awakened to this higher state of consciousness is encoded in the DNA and becomes activated by planetary gravity as our luminaries transit into specific astronomical degrees. Those who have birth planets between the 4th and 8th degrees should be especially alert during this retrograde as you will be affected far beyond those without them. For those to whom this passage will apply this will be a time of unparalleled excitement and self-discovery. The realization of the Higher Self is the first true step in a human’s multidimensional awakening…”


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      A much respected channeller – Dolores Cannon – who I have listened to extensively gives her account of our present Earth shift this 2012. This is generally in agreement with my own knowledge and information.

    • Author gravatar

      Extreme Space Weather dramatically increasing as we approach 2012 Earth shift changes

      “...Susan Joy Rennison, author of Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution, and a physics and geophysics lecturer who focuses on the emerging science of space weather. Learn about solar flares, magnetars and cosmic rays coming from both galactic and universal sources that are bombarding our planet and causing severe earth changes from earthquakes to imminent pole shift.
      Susan Joy Rennison

      Rennison also documents the energetic catalyst fueling the consciousness leap in humans, as well as the DNA spike and discusses the scientific and metaphysical implications

      . Behind all this is an electrical universe, Rennison posits, with a plasma-based ‘shadow biosphere’ that is manifesting to take advantage of the increased energies on the planet, at once revealing and debunking classic UFO theory.

      She documents many under-reported scientific discoveries and a cover-up campaign by NASA and mainstream science in this far-ranging discussion that is essential listening to understand the changing times we live in and the root causes behind them. Listen… and be illuminated…”

      • Author gravatar

        Susan Joy Rennison – Hour 1 – Global Energy Leap
        December 20, 2012

        “…Susan Joy Rennison has an honors degree in physics and geophysics. She is an independent researcher and author of “Tuning the Diamonds – Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution.” Susan returns to Red Ice to discuss space weather and energy driven evolutionary changes. We begin discussing how an astronomer priest class has created a religion from science and talk about the connection between NASA and the Vatican.

        Then, Susan talks about an influx of energy flooding the Earth which is coming from a specific point in space. We’ll talk about how this will affect the planet, including a global energy leap. Susan presents an esoteric reason for why the elite are attempting to remove C02 from the atmosphere. She speaks of the arrival of plasma discharge which will change the planet, bringing us into a new era. In the second hour, we discuss the Mayan Calendar and scientific evidence proving an energy shift has been taking place.

        Then, Susan details the effects of space weather on the planet and also talks about the morphogenetic field, dark matter and fluxuating magnetic fields. We’ll also discuss Somatic hypermutation, the ability to adapt to rapid changes and relate this to ideas of evolution and de-evolution. Later, we’ll cover super storms and weather manipulation…”

    • Author gravatar

      A critique of the choices and options presented in the film “THRIVE”

      The following is taken from an excellent resource of metaphysical knowledge I recently came across. It features far more topics and subjects in detail than I have been able to cover so far…But one one particular example stood out for me since it was directly relevant to my own post here. A personal and well founded critique on the film – “THRIVE”…

      “Thrive” Film Review

      “…I just watched Thrive and it was a good overview of the problem and some possible solutions. Without a few additions, however, the kind of world view it advocates doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome, since it could just as easily divert onto an alien takeover scenario in the end. But it’s a good start.

      To be complete, this vid (or at least the website) would have to get into the following areas:

        That the human corrupt elite aren’t at the top of the pyramid. There are non-human beings above them who are pulling the strings.

        That it’s not solely the human (or even alien) manipulators who are responsible for our sorry situation, but also partly the fault of general human complacency and, more importantly, un-remediable spiritless humans who comprise a portion of the population population and act as a corrupting force on the planet. They are hired clappers for the control system.

        That these spiritually handicapped humans, and here I mean natural born psychopaths, will exploit and ruin any utopia given enough time, unless people become aware that not all humans have a moral compass. For instance, they will worm their way into the leadership structure and within several generations we’ll have a repeat of the problem.

        That aliens who offer us technology and assistance with a smile may not necessarily have benevolent intentions. They could be like drug dealers offering a free fix, just to get us hooked.

        That taking down the current corrupt human elite system is only half the battle, the other half is taking on the alien control system that would try to spring up afterwards.

      If those matters are added to what was stated in “Thrive” then we’d have the proper foundation to secure a positive future. Otherwise, as I always say, it could become a road to hell paved with good intentions…”

      To read more and visit this excellent resource of metaphysical knowledge and information go here:

      Or visit the site directly here:

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      Mayan explanation of what Government and scientists are trying to do as we rapidly approach 21st December 2012

      “…Ac Tah, of the Mayan people, gave a talk in Santa Monica last month [October]. In this exert he speaks about what is happening around December 21st 2012 and it’s significance to the world…”

      This is a thoroughly detailed and scientifically explained account of what scientists are really up to in projects and experiments with the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

      It also explains some of the work the Mayan people are doing in Mexico and around the world to offset much of the destruction and devastation this has caused.

    • Author gravatar

      “…Crossing The New Frontier of Multidimensionality…”

      “…Humanity has been living an illusion or false consensus reality for eons – a virtual dream or hologram held in place by energetic matrixes that can no longer be sustained and are currently breaking down. This dismantling is enabling individuals to see beyond the gross illusions that the majority have accepted as the true nature of reality for eons…”


      Crossing The New Frontier of Multidimensionality

      “…New Beginnings – 2012 and Beyond

      The personal clearings and subsequent awakenings have been radically accelerating for the past few decades and particularly since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. No-one can truly know exactly what will happen in the time-frame around the December 2012 solstice, and throughout 2013 and beyond, because it is ‘we’ who are the creators and midwives giving birth to this new reality by our personal choices and the manner in which we prioritise our intentions. In the light of exponential spiritualisation, it is impossible to know just what we’ll bring into existence, both individually and collectively. The time is perfect now to do a detailed personal reassessment and visioning for all the dreams you have ever held for yourself, your loved ones, and for the planet.

      As we become more aware of our growing spiritual enlightenment, we find it unconscionable to do harm to any living thing. The shift in consciousness and energy popularly known as ‘The Shift’ is an on-going process, and with the associated illumination comes massive evolutionary advancement. People actively exploring full consciousness, societal improvements, and an understanding of our place in the galaxy are gaining a real sense of the magnitude of transformation during this time frame.

      The Shift ushers in the turning point for genuine personal and planetary ascension. We can make the most of this remarkable time by understanding how we empower and manifest whatever we give our attention to.

      It is crucial to be extremely mindful of the quality of our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions. In the coming weeks and months we may find ourselves having many more epiphanies or aha! moments along with being presented with unprecedented opportunities for further awakening. Spontaneous pineal and heart openings, for example, may lead to phenomenal spiritual experiences that confirm the actual nature of our multidimensionality, connections with previously invisible spirit beings, and a true understanding of our connection to the Infinite and all that it means…”


    • Author gravatar

      21 December 2012 – NEW Message from the Star Nations

      A interesting and positive account of the rapidly approaching (weeks) Galactic Earth shift….

      Whatever happens this is a new cycle, we are told, will be radically transformative of the old stunted reality we have previously experienced…Lets just wait and see exactly which star beings turn up….!

        Published on 11 Dec 2012

        “…This video might shock you, but I hope it will excite you. It is based on information given to Judy Satori by Star Beings to share with all on 12.12.12. They bring a message of peace, love and support to our planet at this time of Earth transition….”

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