Welcome to 2012! – A year of great change and great possibilities…

Welcome to year 2012 !

“…The vast majority of human beings on earth still lives in a deep slumber and in total neglect of the fact that they are immortal multidimensional beings and sovereign creators (masters) of their reality.

They do not realize that they shape their destiny through their thoughts, emotions, and above all, through their infinite, deeply disguised fear based patterns and beliefs, which they never really question or challenge.

This hidden “dark energy” that all incarnated human beings carry deep in their physical vessel creates their personality, or rather ego, and their environment.

It is the clandestine driving force that feeds in an effective and rather insidious manner their perennial self-preservatory reactions, with which they waste their whole linear time on earth…” – Stankov’s Universal Law Press

A year that has been foretold holds immense possibilities for change and new directions. There has been so much attention and energy directed towards this time period that no one should be surprised at what may or may not happen as the next days, weeks then months emerge.

And thats because it’s all going to be about choice. The choice to believe and determine some basic questions: Who are you?… What are you?… and Where are you? as it applies to our daily existence and life experience. These are basic fundamental questions we all get the chance to ask ourselves and our answers will determine: Who?, What? and Where? we go from there.

Just to be clear this is not a judgement day of the form that we’ve religiously been indoctrinated to believe in. There is no one sitting in judgement, and never will be, of anyone. No…this is a personal conscious decision and choice we all are making collectively about the type of Reality we want to go on and now experience. So we are the ones getting to decide here. It really is that simple!

The extent to which we chose to explore those questions, and accept our answers, on the surface or at a deeper level, ultimately now determines where we see change, and the possibilities of change, in our collective experiential world realities.

We can choose a world of infinite and expanding possibilities or one of closed and continuing predetermined ones. Which choice is right or wrong? is never and has never been the real question to ask. Which choice is right or wrong for you has always and will always be the question you need to ask yourself to determine the answer that is right for you!

This is a conscious collective choice! There is no default or middle position. (Unless you wish to skip this choice by dying and moving back into spirit!)

So Just Choose!!!


If you really want to understand, in simple terms, the human history of this world and our collective choices for where we could be headed then all you need do is devote a couple of hours watching this film…

If you watch the film “Limitless”and compare it to this movie “Thrive” you will realise they are both related. “Limitless” cleverly describes the current experience for certain elitist individuals in our societies today. Whilst “Thrive” describes the unlimited potential that exists for the world post 2012. But only for those of us choosing it…that is… those choosing “service to others” over those choosing “service to self”

(Now see my latest comment here: A critique of the choices and options presented in the film “THRIVE”)

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