Towards 2012…and the Dawn of a New Consciousness

It has to be said we are living in momentous times when all sorts of changes in energy and consciousness are taking place.

These can be seen and indeed are reflected in the social, political and economic turmoils we are witnessing on a global basis. These changes can only intensify as we approach 2012.

For many, myself included, it represents the beginning of the end of our present world wide cultural, economical, and political system and the dawn of a new and dramatically enhanced one.

It does not, and I repeat, DOES NOT represent glum, destruction, Armageddon, or the end of the worlds civilization as falsely portrayed in the many Hollywood blockbuster films out now (2012) and soon to come out. (2012 Seeking Closure) Though maybe for some it may very well translate as this seen through their own perceptions!!!

No. It means much more than this and thankfully we will all get to choose how we wish to perceive this change as it is happening right now!!! There is now enough information widely available over the internet to attest to this “New Consciousness” phenomenon. One of the most detailed and authoritative sources I’ve come across by far is  David Wilcock and The 2012 Enigma.  Which features a 2 hour video presentation along with detailed transcripts covering the whole and a lot more issues!!!

However, the most thorough and detailed written analysis of exactly what this New Consciousness – or Ascension – really means comes from a recent source I discovered,  Dr Georgi Stankov. No other source I’ve come across so far attempts to break down in such detail the exact process of what this entails in human physical 3rd dimensional terms. Though it still remains to be seen if everyone will  chose to undergo this bodily transformation.

The date: December 21st 2012 has been known culturally for quite some time in the history of humankind. One of the most well known anchors for this date comes from the ancient Maya civilization.

Mayan City

Mayan City

who developed a calendar system which mysteriously ended on this date. The Mayan civilization has long since disappeared but their cultural remains along with some of their deserted cites can still be found in South America.

One of the best translations of what the Mayan calender system meant can be found in the presentations of the late Ian Xel Lungold.

This was much more than just a movement of the planetary bodies. Ian Lungold explains clearly and shows in detail how the Mayan system represented a path for the evolution of consciousness.


David Wilcock: So it’s very interesting to note that you have two different cultures on opposite sides of the Atlantic — the Mayan culture and the Egyptian culture. Both of them have their own highly complex time prophecy systems. Both of them focus on the exact same date in calendar time — and this date is very close by. [Furthermore, Western astrology tags the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius as occurring in 2012 as well — and even mainstream astronomers will not dispute this point. So there are three different prophecy systems that directly point to 2012. We also know 2012 is expected to be the next solar cycle peak, according to NASA, thus jeopardizing our power grids.]


Essentially what the Mayans the Egyptians (and even Western Astrology and Astronomy inadvertently!) were predicting was the end of our current 26,000 year cycle of consciousness and the beginning of a new one. A new era in which our perception of ourselves, our world and the universe will be greatly expanded.

But just what will these changes really be and what will they really mean?

Listen to what Bashar has to say below:



And now listen to another perspective from the Native American Hopi:



Heres another useful perspective I came across from Human Angels: What is supposed to happen in 2012?

This is an interesting explanation about the process of DNA changes taking place, activated by our Sun, which is bringing about a change in our Carbon 12 – Carbon 7…in other words… a change in our consciousness called Ascension…

December 21, 2012: the date has enthusiasts in three major camps, those forecasting apocalypse, those who see a renewal – a new era of consciousness and those who see just another day…This film assesses the cumulative evidence for all those views.

Please Go to this link instead: “2012: Science or Superstition”

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