The Ten Illusions of Reality



The following is a favourite of mine which I have just started to remind myself of again. Its funny how one basic assumption – NEED – has been used as the basis of our cherished cultural beliefs about society when it never really existed in the first place!

The Ten Illusions of Reality –
  1. Need – God needs nothing!
  2. Failure – God cannot fail and neither can you!
  3. Disunity – Nothing is separate from anything ever!
  4. Insufficiency – There is enough for everyone!
  5. Requirement – There is nothing you have to do!
  6. Judgment – You will only ever be the one judging you!
  7. Condemnation – You will never be condemned!
  8. Conditionality – Love knows no conditions!
  9. Superiority – A thing can never be superior to its self
  10. Ignorance – Is bliss unless you already know all of this!

The reason for the illusions is to be providing a localised context field within which you may re-create yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are.

The Universe itself is a contextual field. That is both its definition and its purpose. It provides life with a way to be expressed and experienced physically.

You are a localised version of the same contextualised field, as is everyone else and everything around you. In other words, you are a localised God.

Outside of this localised context you can only know yourself as ALL THAT IS. And ALL THAT IS cannot experience itself as what it is, since there is nothing else!

In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are is not. It cannot be experienced. It cannot be known.

In the absence of fast slow is not. In the absence of up down is not, in the absence of here there is not. It can not be experienced. It cannot be known.

In the absence of the illusions, then you are – quite literally – neither here nor there.

And so you have collectively produced these magnificent illusions. A world, a Universe of your own creation. This has provided you with a contextual field within which you may decide and declare, create and express, experience and fulfill Who You Really Are.

Taken from the book: “Communion with God” – by Neal Donald Walsch

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