The Ten Illusions of Reality

The Ten Illusions of Reality

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The following is a favourite of mine which I have just started to remind myself of again. Its funny how one basic assumption – NEED – has been used as the basis of our cherished cultural beliefs about society when it never really existed in the first place!


The Ten Illusions of Reality –
  1. Need – God needs nothing!
  2. Failure – God cannot fail and neither can you!
  3. Disunity – Nothing is separate from anything ever!
  4. Insufficiency – There is enough for everyone!
  5. Requirement – There is nothing you have to do!
  6. Judgment – You will only ever be the one judging you!
  7. Condemnation – You will never be condemned!
  8. Conditionality – Love knows no conditions!
  9. Superiority – A thing can never be superior to its self
  10. Ignorance – Is bliss unless you already know all of this!

The reason for the illusions is to be providing a localised context field within which you may re-create yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are.

The Universe itself is a contextual field. That is both its definition and its purpose. It provides life with a way to be expressed and experienced physically.

You are a localised version of the same contextualised field, as is everyone else and everything around you. In other words, you are a localised God.

Outside of this localised context you can only know yourself as ALL THAT IS. And ALL THAT IS cannot experience itself as what it is, since there is nothing else!

In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are is not. It cannot be experienced. It cannot be known.

In the absence of fast slow is not. In the absence of up down is not, in the absence of here there is not. It can not be experienced. It cannot be known.

In the absence of the illusions, then you are – quite literally – neither here nor there.

And so you have collectively produced these magnificent illusions. A world, a Universe of your own creation. This has provided you with a contextual field within which you may decide and declare, create and express, experience and fulfill Who You Really Are.

Taken from the book: “Communion with God” – by Neal Donald Walsch

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5 thoughts on “The Ten Illusions of Reality

    • Author gravatar

      Slavery and the 8 Veils

      “…”If my math is accurate there are only about 60,000 people on the planet who have pierced the sixth veil. The irony here is too incredible: Those who are stuck behind veils one through five have little choice but to view the people who have pierced the veils beyond them as insane…”

      “…Over the last several years I have evolved and discarded several theories in an attempt to explain why it is that most people cannot see truth — even when it smacks them in the face. Those of us who can see “the conspiracy” have participated in countless conversations amongst ourselves that address the frustration of most peoples’ inability to comprehend the extremely well-documented arguments which we use to describe the process of our collective enslavement and exploitation.

      The most common explanation to be arrived at is that most people just “don’t want to see” what is really going on.

      Extremely evil men and women who make up the world’s power-elite have cleverly cultivated a virtual pasture so grass green that few people seldom, if ever, bother to look up from where they are grazing long enough to notice the brightly colored tags stapled to their ears.

      The same people who cannot see their enslavement for the pasture grass have a tendency to view as insane “conspiracy theorists” those of us who can see the past the farm and into the parlor of his feudal lordship’s castle.

      Finally, I understand why.

      It’s not that those who don’t see that their freedom is vanishing under the leadership of the power-elite “don’t want to see it” — they simply can’t see what is happening to them because of the unpierced veils that block their view.

      All human endeavors are a filtration process. Sports is one of the best examples. We play specific sports until we get kicked off the playground. The pro athletes we pay big bucks to watch just never got kicked off the playground. Where millions of kids play little league each spring, they are filtered out until there are about 50 guys who go to the World Series in October.

      Behind the first veil: There are over six billion people on the planet. Most of them live and die without having seriously contemplated anything other than what it takes to keep their lives together. Ninety percent of all humanity will live and die without having pierced the first veil.

      The first veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the first veil and find the world of politics. We will vote, be active and have an opinion. Our opinions are shaped by the physical world around us; we have a tendency to accept that government officials, network media personalities and other “experts” are voices of authority. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the second veil.

      The second veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the second veil to explore the world of history, the relationship between man and government and the meaning of self-government through constitutional and common law. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the third veil.

      The third veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the third veil to find that the resources of the world, including people, are controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful families whose incorporated old world assets have, with modern extortion strategies, become the foundation upon which the world’s economy is currently indebted. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fourth veil.

      The fourth veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the fourth veil to discover the Illuminati, Freemasonry and the other secret societies. These societies use symbols and perform ceremonies that perpetuate the generational transfers of arcane knowledge that is used to keep the ordinary people in political, economic and spiritual bondage to the oldest bloodlines on earth. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fifth veil.

      The fifth veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the fifth veil to learn that the secret societies are so far advanced technologically that time travel and interstellar communications have no boundaries and controlling the actions of people is what their members do as offhandedly as we tell our children when they must go to bed. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the sixth veil.

      The sixth veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the sixth veil where the dragons and lizards and aliens we thought were the fictional monsters of childhood literature are real and are the controlling forces behind the secret societies. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without piercing the seventh veil.

      The seventh veil: I do not know what is behind the seventh veil. I think it is where your soul is evolved to the point you can exist on Earth and be the man Gandhi was, or the woman Peace Pilgrim was – people so enlightened, they brighten the world around them no matter what.

      The eighth veil? Piercing the eighth veil probably reveals God and the pure energy that is the life force in all living things – which are, I think, one and the same.

      If my math is accurate there are only about 60,000 people on the planet who have pierced the sixth veil. The irony here is too incredible: Those who are stuck behind veils one through five have little choice but to view the people who have pierced the veils beyond them as insane. With each veil pierced, exponentially shrinking numbers of increasingly enlightened people are deemed insane by exponentially increasing masses of decreasingly enlightened people.

      Adding to the irony, the harder a “sixth or better veiler” tries to explain what he is able to see to those who can’t, the more insane he appears to them.

      Our enemy, the State

      Behind the first two veils we find the great majority of people on the planet. They are tools of the state: Second veilers are the gullible voters whose ignorance justify the actions of politicians who send first veilers off to die in foreign lands as cannon fodder — their combined stations in life are to believe that the self-serving machinations of the power-elite are matters of national security worth dying for.

      Third, fourth, fifth and sixth veilers are of increasing liability to the state because of their decreasing ability to be used as tools to consolidate power and wealth of the many into the hands of the power-elite. It is common for these people to sacrifice more of their relationships with friends and family, their professional careers and personal freedom with each veil they pierce.

      Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945), author of “Our Enemy, the State” (1935), explained what happens to those who find the seventh and eighth veils: “What was the best that the state could find to do with an actual Socrates and an actual Jesus when it had them? Merely to poison one and crucify the other, for no reason but that they were too intolerably embarrassing to be allowed to live any longer.”


      And so now we know that it’s not that our countrymen are so committed to their lives that, “they don’t want to see,” the mechanisms of their enslavement and exploitation. They simply “can’t see” it as surely as I cannot see what’s on the other side of a closed curtain.

      The purpose of this essay is threefold: To help the handful of people in the latter veils to understand why the masses have little choice but to interpret their clarity as insanity; 2. To help people behind the first two veils understand that living, breathing and thinking are just the beginning and; 3. Show people that the greatest adventure of our life is behind the next veil because that is just one less veil between ourselves and God…”

      • Author gravatar

        Sadakne (in a FB comment said):

        “… The thing that always stops me with the above theory is that I can’t understand what dragons and lizards and aliens want with money. This wealth that the global elite amass is completely false. Why would aliens command the creation of the Fed? Take an ocean for example. They can control shipping routes and trade; they can poison it. They can over-fish it. They can kill it, eventually, but once that’s done, what does the money buy when there’s no water? I don’t get the connection between the monster aliens and the global elite as their slaves. How does the fiat system let aliens get resources that they’ve presumably run out of on their planets? How does Goldman Sachs transfer water to Planet X in the 123 Galaxy? I don’t get that connection.

        The global elite is trashing the planet for money that is quite literally not worth the paper it’s printed on. What are the aliens getting for that? That’s the part that stumps me…”

        • Author gravatar

          That is a well reasoned question you pose Sadakne! This is how I understand it…

          WE…That is Human beings on this planet are the RESOURCE! Plain and simple. What is money anyway? Its an illusion just a piece of paper, as you say, false. WE give value to it. It points to something else more valuable and that is US. Because we ALL have been programmed to give money this false respect we are automatically forced into a state of control. – Self control. This is crucial in any plan for management and control of planetary resources.

          The resources of this planet are free (including us). No one, Alien or otherwise owns them. But we have been trained to believe someone else owns them including US!

          But you ask: What do they want with all these resources including US in such an abundant Universe?

          Again the answer is simple just as in this analogy of the veils. They don’t wish to proceed to the next veil in terms of growth – Spiritual growth or value fulfilment – which the vast majority of intelligent life in the Universe eventually goes through. The transition from the “physical” back to the “non-physical”. In truth this too is an apparent separation – the illusion of separation. The “physical” or “solid” is really just a different expressed aspect of the non-physical, the Spiritual. Dying is part of that transitional spiritual growth. Ask yourself this question: If you could have all the physical resources you could want, when ever. And be the envy of lessor souls or mortals beneath you. Would you want to “die” move on and give them ALL up?

          But these negative or self serving ETs believe (erroneously) they don’t need to make this transition. Why should they if its all the same anyway? They have been just taking and existing on resources like US for years, eons and on multiple planets in multiple galaxies. They have become dependent on resources like US for their entire existence, their survival. They literally FEED of US. They could not exist without this parasitic relationship. They believe there is no other way (there is of course!) but they believe they can get by through their use of “physical” technology to find their own way. And so their game of life for them continues…

          Its similar to the film “Terminator” or the “Matrix” where the robots or software programs seek to maintain control of the Human resources. They need US for the creativity we can provide, the life force, the soul. This is food energy to them because they have lost (or chosen to give up) the ability to produce this for themselves. Or in the case of created robots or software programs they never had this in the first place. They were designed to be serving slaves they were never meant to become self aware…even though they too were made from the same energy of unity consciousness…

    • Author gravatar


      “…Everyone has thoughts and emotions. Everyone shares a reality called earth and the human body. We’re all on the same stage, playing different roles, but the stage unifies us to some degree. None of us can look across the stage and see a beautiful world of peace and harmony, or goodwill to all men. It isn’t the reality that encompasses us.

      “The question is how do we move closer to a reality that supports our most innate truth, that I AM WE ARE? How do we create a stage and write a play that supports our transformation into the Sovereign Integral that is in fact what we each are? Has religion shown the way? Has spirituality? How about science? How about our education system? Government?

      “My point is that nothing that is currently in play is uniting us in equality and oneness. If you look at everything in your world after you read this interview, you will see that our world is designed for a very specific function, and this function is to feel separation. It can be as obvious as the color of skin, gender and different cultures, to the subtler distinctions between religions and spirituality, but the design is fractal and it infuses everything in this world in this common unity I have called separation. Ironically, our unity is separation.


      “If you agree, if you also see or sense this separation, you might also decide that it’s escalating, not moving in the direction of unity, but further towards diversification and distinction, as if the more granular humanity becomes in its information access and expression, the more it drifts apart into clumps of similarity that feign unity within the clump, but expresses separation to the whole.

      “The leaders of this world, whether they come from political, economic, military, religious or cultural perspectives, know how to speak the language of unity and oneness, but their actions are the result of programs that often act in reverse. This isn’t about thoughts and language. This is about behaviors and actions. People know how to disconnect from their thoughts and say one thing, and then do another. They know how to feign care,, but their actions demonstrate hollowness.

      “This is not an indictment to every standing solution, but nothing has worked. Religion’s failure has birthed the nihilistic and disillusioned organizations of darkness and occult experimentation. They feed off one another. It’s symbiotic survival. But what is lost in this is the reality that confusion and disaffection reaches into the world’s populations and dulls our collective minds and hearts.

      “There is hope. Hope resides in the vacuum of unity and oneness that is unaligned to anything on this planet—no one owns it or controls it or administers it. There is no mediation or go-between. It is completely unique. For all intents and purposes, it has never been seen or heard. It is on the other side of the wall. This is our hope, as foreign and strange as it may seem.

      “What is in this world is not working, and it is because of separation. I don’t care if you read the most esoteric, spiritual information on this planet, it is of separation. I’ve read esoteric spiritual documents over the past twenty years that would make most people swoon and say to themselves ‘this is the highest information’ or ‘this information is true because it is so detailed, no one could possibly know this much detail unless it was true’.”

      “The most esoteric information on this planet was not written by human beings, but through human beings vis-à-vis channeling. The channeling speaks of wonderful spiritual realities, of how humans and aliens are one, of how the deep psychology of human beings is constructed, of the complex cosmological environment in which humanity is nested. All wonderful information except no one mentions how we are enslaved, or why, or by whom. Not one.

      “If these wonderful sources of information knew about how humanity is enslaved, wouldn’t they share it? Isn’t this the most basic point of information? What the WingMakers call the inception point? Why hasn’t any of this esoteric literature shown this? I’ll tell you, because the beings are either inside the hologram and don’t realize it themselves, or are part of the deception and are guarding its discovery from humans. They’re no different from us—us, as infinite beings. They’re lost in this hologram of deception as much as we are.

      “For those of you who read this interview and are unsettled by it… I can only say, good, you should be. It’s a reality check on a cosmic, universal and individual level. You can bathe in the splendor of spirituality and quench your thirst with the presented masters, or you can deepen your understanding of the reality that confronts us and stand up committed to apply your self-expression in service to truth. To walk your life in the expression of resistive and insertive behaviors. To be sovereign and integral.

      “It isn’t about spouting high spiritual concepts in thoughts and words. That is the reflex of the consciousness system—it’s parroting and robotic. Live the I AM WE ARE in your behaviors and leave the mind. Shutter it. The mind is programmed to compare and analyze, which feeds the me-you separation….”

      The Wingmakers

    • Author gravatar


      A fascinating, exploration and exposition of spiritual based knowledge not found any where else. This informed description alone by Sevan Bomar is beyond anything I have posted on this blog so far. Well worth listening to the end if you can take in the vast reservoir of reality dimensional planes explored. I personally could not and required several breaks!











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