Money is the divine path to God

It must be said, following on from my previous blog – “Money is the Root of all Evil” – both statements are equally valid or true depending on your perspective. Somehow though this one just doesn’t seem to ring true. To me that is. But then, my experience has shown this has not necessarily been the case for other people. Church ministers for example. Not that I have had any direct experience of these. Just anecdotal evidence provided by the viewing of American television!!!

It has taken me nearly 2 years to finish writing this part. Mainly because I have to concede that I probably don’t agree with the premise: “Money is the divine path to God”. Yet this has been and remains to be probably my biggest obstacle in defining or being clear about my own monetary beliefs.!!!

If money is simply a tool, a device or a means of exchange and it has no real or intrinsic value in itself. Then why should it matter if accumulating masses of wealth enables some people to experience their divine connection to God?

I believe the truth is it doesn’t matter! It can be. It doesn’t have to be but if it is simply a tool; a means to establish an end, like a spoon to pick up food to eat, then why would you need to worry about not having enough tools? Would a tool in itself prevent you from eating? Would having more or sophisticated tools enable you to eat more quickly and satisfactorily?

Perhaps…It could certainly ease and smooth the way in getting there!!! It could definitely do this but then it could also do the opposite. We have all probably heard the stories of people who won millions on the lottery only to see it all disappear or to fall out bitterly with family members and, in at least one case, I read of lately, die alone, inexplicably, unnoticed for days. In other words there can be no guarantees on which way things could turn out.

It all depends on what path we’ve chosen or “value fulfilment” we’ve agreed upon to re-initialize the experience of our connection to God or “All That Is”.

Now this, I believe, is probably the best summary I’ve found for placing money in the context of “Spirituality” or Spiritual Abundance”. Its from one of my favourite sources – Bashar – and it quite clearly elucidates the false dichotomy most people make between Financial Wealth and Spiritual Wealth or Godly Wealth – however you wish to term them. Are they really so contradictory?

Now check out the “Money Magnet Song” for attracting more of this good stuff…!!!


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