Contact: Learning from Outer Space

Its amazing that as we steadily begin approaching the year 2012. World Businesses leaders and Executives from top leading companies in diverse fields, all over the world, should have agreed to pay £3,129 to attend a conference that, among other things, discussed that UFOs are real and ETs exist and how best to prepare for this emerging reality?

If ever there was a time to take this UFO/ET phenomenon seriously, apparently, now is that time!!!

Contact: Learning from Outer Space

The thing about this conference which really caught my attention was the number of seemingly simple but innovative and revolutionary ideas and concepts being proposed (see Summary chart)

Some Ideas and Concepts:

“Evidence of Alien visitation is overwhelming…and we are not the most advanced”

“We are well beyond anecdotal evidence…there is concrete evidence of Alien DNA or Technology”

“The Profit motive is no longer a primary driver for the next generations…”

“Purpose and Value let you work through challenges of social innovation…”

“Financing programs to combat poverty…”

“Driven by purpose in a place where Risk is not always rewarded…”

“The system of only profiting will ultimately break itself…”

“We have to act as a connected living system…”

“How  to decrease poverty and sustain food supply with this idea in mind…”

“We have to Plan and Design for ALL human beings. There is no THEM only US!…”

“Story telling is at the root of everything…”

“We have a responsibility to tell and sponsor films that affect social change, and do whats good for all of us…”

“Corporate Compassion: Actively support responsible media even at the expense of making money…”

“An Economy of shared value: All People need to believe they have a Future…”

“Competition is not a zero sum game…Tilt the world towards prosperity and peace…”

“Don’t just criticize create…”

“Doing good as a Company is more satisfying than just doing business…”

“1.2 billion people lack access to Water…Water from Air is possible…”

“Competition means finding the right place not winning…”

“We need processes for defining the problem and creating the – I can solve it mindset”

Now its unlikely that all these ideas will be taken on board and implemented within the next 5 years. And these are the particularly ones that caught my attention out of many many more. But they do appear to provide a strong indication of the direction  we need to be moving in as 2012 approaches. The fact that a conference of this nature can take place at all with the “naturalisation” of a concept such as “Aliens and UFOs” shows just how close we are to experiencing a new and potentially brighter reality.

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        “…Earth 2.0?s premise is that it is the interchange of ideas through engagement, participation and interaction that will change peoples’ minds, and motivate and inspire individuals and communities to deliver the change that is required for us to create a global and sustainable future for the earth and therefore humanity….”

  1. Science Spirit & Politics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations Conference Presentation

    “…Dr. Michael Salla presents a ground breaking discussion of different types of extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth and interacting with humanity, and how they can be understood in terms of a typology popularized by eminent physicist Prof. Michio Kaku. According to Prof. Kaku, civilizations can be distinguished on the basis of the different ways they consume and use energy on a planetary, stellar and galactic level.

    Once we identify the way extraterrestrial civilizations use energy, we can understand much about the technology they use, the spiritual principles they follow, and the political aspect of how they interact with humanity. Once we understand the science, spirituality and politics of extraterrestrial civilizations, we can make informed choices about how to best transform the Earth using this information.

    Our Earth transformation efforts require us to make a commitment at the individual, community and national levels to work wisely with extraterrestrial civilizations assisting humanity’s evolution…”


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