Going beyond the limited and locked in construct of our 3D World Reality

Its been a while since I’ve felt the need or even inspiration to write a new Blog post  but today I was inspired to do just that…

Its actually been nearly 2 years since my last post. Thats because I decided only to post topics I believe to be of lasting interest. Ones that need to endure and perhaps come back to for future updates. This is a practise I have carried on for many of my former posts. Using the comments sections to post many of those needed updates when I happen to stumble across them. (Many of such updates can be found in my regular daily Social Media Posts and Facebook/Twitter outputs) (See New Comment: The Matrix of Control – Beyond its 3D Manifestation)

But there is another reason3D Reality for my lack of posts…I simply didn’t have anything else of major importance to say after 2012! Human ascension – to ascend or not to ascend is the ONLY game on the block to be playing at this particular time period in our evolutionary history. And no one being, thing or person (including our own planet) is exempt from playing. Electing or choosing  to die doesn’t free you from this decision at all!. Because dying is built into and part of the ascension (or not to ascend) process too!

Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World!

So now that we are well and truly into this process as more and more strange events begin to unfold its probably a timely co-incidence that I should feel the need to make this post to help facilitate further contextual understanding of what I believe is happening to My world, Your world, and indeed, OUR world… as seen from a multidimensional and energetic perspective…

There are many world events happening in 2014 which defy rational explanation. These are just some: The disappearance/destruction of Malaysian Air planes MH307 and MH17;  the rise and growth of apparent Islamic fundamentalism – like ISIS – and the kidnapping of African school girls (by Boko Haram) in the middle east and Africa; the senseless bombing and murdering of Palestinians in GAZA by Israelis state controlled governmental forces – generally condoned by the Western powers – the destabilization of Ukraine as a sovereign country and demonization of Russia with sanctions by the same Western powers; The breakaway union of Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa (BRICS) to form a separate trading bloc independent of US Oil/Dollars; the increased murdering and racial profiling of young Black Americans by US police forces (Not just in #Ferguson) cumulating in demonstrations and social media exposes around the world; and the attempts to spread FEAR and panic among the African populations by the introduction of the “apparently” incurable Ebola virus…etc, etc…etc…

All the above events are happening at the same time and the prospect and increasing likelihood of more new events coming into focus should not at this point really even be debatable. They are going to and will continue to increase in occurrence. In fact some sources, I’ve come across say, this is all due to cumulate in 2016-17 as the “Illuminati-like” world dominating forces finally loose grip from their reins of power. Maybe?  Or Maybe not? As there always seems to be something else that refuses to let go or stick to the original game script!

Regardless of the playing out schedule for what is occurring. What is of fundamental importance is for each of us to wake up to the new chosen reality we now wish to experience. We live in a FREE WILL universe. This means if we choose not to focus or embrace the new ascension based reality then we will drift away from those who do wish to experience this. We will remain focused in our chosen limited and locked in 3D World construct of Reality. Until the next time to shift our energy vibration comes around. Perhaps 26,000 years, maybe more, maybe less. It all depends on how the reality and growth of that alternative planetary world chooses to develop.

For those of us electing and choosing to go beyond our limiting and locked in 3D world construct , as I mentioned in my previous post, an approach to understanding many of the things that have been denied or hidden from us will need to be developed.

Freedom free your mind

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