Winning the Lottery!!!

This has been a favourite pastime of mine for some time now. Well to be exact its at least 15 years since it began back in November of 1994. During that time, of course, I always dreamed of winning big. I played maybe once a week and also enlisted other people to play as well (Brother, Mother etc..) Now and […]

Money is the divine path to God

It must be said, following on from my previous blog – “Money is the Root of all Evil” – both statements are equally valid or true depending on your perspective. Somehow though this one just doesn’t seem to ring true. To me that is. But then, my experience has shown this has not necessarily been the case for other people. […]

Money is the Root of all Evil

Back in late 2004 I was on the verge of total financial breakdown. Not having worked for nearly 3 years I was totally broke. I had worked in the IT industry as a contractor that paid well when I had work. It had allowed me to buy my own house and furnish it with the things I previously only dreamed […]