Beyond 2013 or a New Earth 2.0!

No one should be in any doubt now. We are in a new time! A new age and at the beginning of a New Earth! (see: waking up to what our media, corporations, governments, education and medical institutions don’t tell you and don’t want you to know)

…On a dimensional, energetic and vibrational level we are shifting from the experience of a 3rd and 4th dimensional one to that of a 5th dimensional one…


Which is basically a less physically orientated experience. A less physical, energetically vibrational one. This is a shift in our vibrational focus from a lower to a higher one.

(See New Comment: Bashar- 3rd, 4th 5th Dimension, Choosing Future & Past Lives Consciously)

Dr Delbert Blair speaks about our Planet “Gaia’s Ascension” process taking place right now into the 5th Dimension.


What is MetaPhysics? – A basic introduction…

From this point on an understanding and appreciation of the Metaphysical will be crucial to this experience. Thoughts and feelings will now, more than ever before, become more important than the physical expressions which proceed them. We become more responsible and accountable for our own thoughts – our beliefs – because its these which will directly influence the type of reality we are choosing to experience. (see: Welcome to 2012! – A year of great change and great possibilities…)

There are 4 Areas which, I believe, will directly characterize our awakening reality and life on this new Earth and they are:

“…Earth 2.0′s premise is that it is the interchange of ideas through engagement, participation and interaction that will change peoples’ minds, and motivate and inspire individuals and communities to deliver the change that is required for us to create a global and sustainable future for the earth and therefore humanity…”

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